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Sangar Housing Project, Gwadar

Posted by Muhammad Imran on August 18, 2023


Sangar Housing Project stands as a preeminent residential enclave perched atop the majestic Koh-e-Batil. Its allure lies in the embrace of the sea on three sides, bestowing upon its inhabitants captivating panoramas. Originally unveiled in the twilight of the ’90s for Gwadar’s denizens, the landscape underwent a metamorphosis with the advent of CPEC’s grand design. It relinquished dominion over a portion of the Pakistan Navy, while the residual expanse became the designated precinct for the Sangar Housing Project.

Koh-e-Battal, a geological marvel, manifests as a heterogeneous mountain, amalgamating both sand and rocks and sprawling expansively across a span of 13 kilometers. At present, its composition encompasses the following elements:

  • Pakistan Navy installations
  • PC Gwadar
  • Sangar Housing Project

About the project:

Encompassing an expanse of approximately 2500 acres in the heart of Gwadar, the Sangar Housing Project secures its position among the finest locales. This community offers a blend of residential and commercial properties, making it a versatile haven. Its development saga commenced in 1992, unfolding through various phases and ventures. A key highlight involves the ongoing construction of a deep-sea port to address evolving housing demands. The blueprint doesn’t solely focus on housing; it intricately weaves in essential amenities like community parks, playgrounds, shopping malls, schools, and recreational spaces, ensuring a comprehensive and vibrant living experience.

Sangar Housing Project Location:

Situated on the Koh-Batal, a natural blend of sand and rocks stretching across 13 kilometers, this charming residential area has a unique charm. Adding to the appeal, there’s the Pakistan Navy Base nearby and, just a stone’s throw away, the Gwadar Port, the third-largest deep port in the vicinity.

Project Summary:

Project: Sangar Housing Project, Gwadar
Sponsored by: Government of Balochistan
Project Director: Deputy Commissioner, Gwadar
Project Consultant: Consultants Group
Financial Status: Self-financed

Project Highlights:

It is a completely self-financed scheme.
• Engineering design has been carried out after a full soil investigation study. The soil-bearing capacity on Koh-i-Batil is double what is found in the coastal belt and has been found suitable for high-rise buildings.
• The design of utility services is based on the most modern engineering codes and efficient utility systems.
• Development started in 1992 and has continued to date, covering different phases and activities.

• Total Area: 2500 Acres
• Total Area (Phases I to IV): 1900 Acres
• Total Area (Proposed Phase V and Future Extensions): 600 Acres
• Total Length of Roads (Constructed) (Above 100 KMs)

• Total Length of Water Pipe Line: 300,000 RFT (approximate)
• Total Length of Sewerage Pipe Line: 320,000 Rft. (approximate)
• Underground Water Reservoir (Constructed): 600,000 Gallons
• Overhead Water Reservoir (Constructed): 40,000 Gallons
• Security Walls (constructed): 24,000 ft.

Work Completed:

• Roads: approx. 90 km
• Water supply distribution system: -80%
• Underground water tank (600,000 Gal): 100%
• Overhead water tank (40,000 gal): 100%
• Sewerage system: -25%
• 51 acres of land have been allocated for Eid Mela in Phase V.
• 100 acres of land have been allocated for tsunami shelters and the Eid Mela in Phase V.

Sangar Housing Project Master Plan:

The Sangar Housing Project consists of 5 phases: Phases 1, 2, and 3 are residential and commercial plots, while Phase IV includes only commercial plots.

  • Phase I
  • Phase II and Phase II ext
  • Phase-III
  • Phase-IV
  • Phase-V

So far, the Sangar Housing Project has announced Phases 1 to IV, and maps for the announced 4 phases are available with ballot plot numbers. Sanghar Housing Gwadar Plots are available in the following cuttings:

Summary of Plots:

  • 1000 yards (the majority of plots in Singer are 1000 yards)
  • 600 yards
  • 400 yards (Very few plots available and more petite than sales)
  • Commercial plots start at 100 yards, and sector shops go up to 5 acres.

Residential Plots:

Phase Category Size of Plots
I-A A 1000 Sq.Yds
I-B B 600 Sq.Yds
I-C C 400 Sq.Yds
II-A A 1000 Sq.Yds
II-B B 600 Sq.Yds
III-A A 1000 Sq.Yds
III-B A 1000 Sq.Yds

Commercial Plots:

Phase Category Size of Plots
IV Commercial 100 Sq. yds. to 5 Acres

Land Documentation:

• The Consultants Group (CG) has been commissioned to carry out documentation of plot allotments and transfers with a foolproof and fully computerized system.
• The Project Director (PD) oversees the transfers, and the CG is responsible for the subsequent execution of the actual documentation.
• The signing authority in all cases is the PD.
• The record of every allottee and transferee, along with plot details, is available on a computer with hard copies in files kept at the project office in Gwadar.
• For plot-specific information verification, both the project’s office and the consultant’s workspace serve as reliable sources.
• A special facility has been given to the owners for transfer to Karachi.

New Town Housing Project, Gwadar.

Sangar housing project features:

  • Gwadar DC is in charge of overseeing the government-run Sangar Housing Project. It is in a prime location, with the water encircling it on three sides.
  • In this society’s Phase 1, the renowned Pearl Continental Hotel is already operational.
  • The plot owner has already been granted possession of Phase 1.
  • Investment-grade plots are those closest to the PC Hotel.
  • Both the cost of properties and development fees are very inexpensive.
  • For the best deals on residential plots, Phases 2 and 3 are also excellent choices.
  • Phase 4 will eventually develop into the future business center of the area.
  • The Safe, Secure, and Cosmetic Housing Scheme will yield profitable returns on your investment.

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