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Pakistan Naval Farms Islamabad

Posted by Muhammad Imran on February 5, 2024

Pakistan Naval Farms Islamabad stands as a luxurious housing venture located in a prime area of Islamabad near Bara Kahu and Simly Dam. This upscale project is a collaboration between the Pakistan Navy and NHS Hometown Builders, offering an extensive range of farmhouse plots spanning from 5 kanal to 20 kanal. Nestled amidst Islamabad’s picturesque scenery, it provides a unique opportunity for luxury living in a serene and natural environment.

Developer of Naval Farms Islamabad

PN Farms represents a collaborative effort between the Pakistan Navy, serving as the land provider, and NHS Builders, the esteemed developer. It epitomizes a perfect blend of upscale amenities and a harmonious natural lifestyle. Investing in this venture is deemed secure and reliable due to its oversight by the Pakistan Navy, ensuring the safeguarding of investors’ interests.

Naval Farms Islamabad NOC:

Pakistan Naval Farms is a fully compliant and legally approved housing project, having obtained the necessary No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Capital Development Authority (CDA) granted for 2343.26 Kanal on March 13, 1993. The sanctioned development area covers Phase 1, also referred to as A Block, which encompasses a curated collection of farmhouses ranging from 10 kanal to 20 kanal and beyond. Furthermore, Phase 2 and the Extension, inclusive of Blocks B, C, D, and E, are designed to offer smaller farmhouse plots, catering to a varied spectrum of requirements and preferences.

Pakistan Naval Farms Location: 

Pakistan Naval Farms is strategically situated in Mouza Pind Bhegwal, Mera Bhegwal, and Athal within Islamabad Zone 4, making it an ideal location. It is near Park View City Islamabad and Bahria Enclave Islamabad, offering convenience and accessibility. Accessing Pakistan Naval Farms is straightforward, as it is conveniently reachable via Malot Road, which connects from Kurri Road through Park Road and Simly Dam Road. Furthermore, there are plans for Pakistan Naval Farms Islamabad to be linked to the Murree Expressway in the future, enhancing connectivity and accessibility even further.

Pakistan Naval Farms Location


  • Mouza Pind Bhegwal Mera Bhegwal
  • Malot Road
  • Kurri Road
  • Simly Dam Road
  • Park Road
  • Bara Kahu route
  • Zero Point
  • Faizabad
  • RawalChowk

Nearby Places:

Naval Farms Islamabad Master Plan:

The housing society is divided into two phases. Phase 1 primarily comprises farmhouses spanning 20 Kanals and above, attracting the elite of Pakistan who choose to construct their residences in this distinguished section, which is the oldest area within the society. Phase 2, commencing from B block and extending to C block, offers farmhouse plots ranging from 5 kanal to 12 kanal. Additionally, the extension area includes blocks D and E, each offering 5 Kanal farmhouse files for interested buyers.

Naval Farms Islamabad Master Plan

Naval Farms Islamabad Payment Plan:

Pakistan Naval Farms has been meticulously planned with a keen focus on its location. The Pakistan Navy deliberately selected a vast area spanning 10,000 kanal for this project. The housing scheme comprises primarily five blocks, namely Blocks A, B, C, D, and E. Blocks A to C are fully developed, offering available possessions to interested buyers. However, Naval Farms Islamabad Blocks D and E are currently undeveloped, awaiting future development initiatives.

Pakistan Naval Farms prices are as follows:

There are different plot sizes available in Naval Farms Blocks A, B, and C, which include 5 kanal, 8 kanal, 10 kanal, 12 kanal, 20 kanal, and even bigger farmhouse plots.

  • Block A: 20 Kanal farmhouse plots, with prices ranging from 18 crore to 25 crore.
  • In Block B, 8 Kanal farmhouse plots are available, with prices ranging from 7.50 crore to 9.00 crore.
  • In Block B, 5 Kanal farmhouse plots are available, with prices ranging from 4.50 crore to 5.50 crore.
  • In Block C, 5 Kanal farmhouse plots are available, with prices ranging from 4.50 crore to 5 crore.

On the other hand, only files are available for Naval Farms Islamabad Block D and Block E.

  • In Block D, which is currently non-developed, 5 kanal non-possession plots are available, with prices starting from 3.25 crore up to 4.75 crore.
  • In Block E, which is currently non-ballot, 5 Kanal (file) prices start from 1.85 crore up to 1.90 crore.


Currently, the administration of Pakistan Naval Farm Houses has not introduced any official installment plan for farmhouse purchases. However, there is a possibility of such a plan being introduced in the future. At present, buyers are required to make full upfront payments for the purchase of farmhouse land or built-up farmhouses.

Features and Amenities:

Pakistan Naval Farm Houses offers a comprehensive range of modern facilities and amenities, comparable to those found in prestigious developments like DHA. Managed and owned by the Pakistan Navy, it is committed to delivering top-notch services to its residents. Naval Farm Houses Islamabad is anticipated to exceed expectations in terms of modernization and convenience. According to officials, the project will provide all the essential basic and modern amenities required for a contemporary lifestyle.

At Pakistan Naval Farms, residents enjoy a comprehensive array of both basic and modern facilities and amenities, ensuring a comfortable and convenient lifestyle.

  1. A main boulevard boasts an impressive width of 80 feet, complemented by streets and service roads ranging from 40 to 60 feet in width.
  2. A complete underground sewerage system contributes to a clean and hygienic environment.
  3. Round-the-clock security services are provided to safeguard the community.
  4. Continuous freshwater supply for the residents’ daily needs.
  5. Reliable electricity supply to ensure uninterrupted power availability.
  6. Internet connectivity is provided by  PTCL and Nayatel.

  7. Gas pipelines are laid throughout the farmhouse area, enhancing convenience for residents.
  8. Access to hospitals and healthcare facilities to cater to medical needs.
  9. A green hiking trail for outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure and recreation.
  10. The Navy Club House offers a myriad of family, children, and solo activities, including wedding halls, swimming pools, guest rooms, and indoor sports and games facilities.

These essential amenities collectively contribute to making Naval Farms Islamabad a serene and well-maintained residential enclave, fostering a peaceful lifestyle for its residents.


In conclusion, Pakistan Naval Farms Islamabad emerges as a distinguished residential project that epitomizes luxury, comfort, and modern living. Pakistan Naval Farms Islamabad offers residents a serene lifestyle amidst Islamabad’s natural beauty. With lush green surroundings, top-notch facilities, and secure investment, it stands as a beacon of real estate excellence.

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