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Posted by mimran on February 25, 2019

Pakistan Naval Farms (PN Farms) Zone IV Islamabad

Pakistan Naval Farms (or PN Farms) is a farmhouse project located in Zone IV – near Simly Dam Road, Bhara Kahu. For genuine buyers, the development offers an economical and idyllic living environment. Away from the hubbub of the city. On the other hand, if you wish to invest in PN Farms Islamabad, the project offers relatively low prices, and a promise of high growth potential.

Adjacent Bahria Enclave

One of the most fortunate factors influencing PN Farms is its proximity to Bahria Enclave. The latter is renowned for its developments, and its decent living statistics.

Being a Bahria Town project, PN Farms also boasts a sizable commercial area. A welcome addition, by all means – since it helps in meeting the shopping needs of the society’s residents. In full. The children from PN Farms also attend schools (including Beacon house School System) in Bahria Enclave.

Recently, the rising prices of PN Farms have correlated broadly with developments in Bahria Enclave. Something that you will need to keep an eye on.


Access to Rest of the City

The area is only a twenty-five minute drive away from Serena Hotel. The Simly Dam Road also provides the residents with an easy access to the rest of Islamabad.


Investment Considerations

One of the main reasons to invest in PN Farms Islamabad is its relatively low prices. When compared with other farm houses for sale in Islamabad, you can see the difference. Gulberg Greens is one of those alternatives. In the Gulberg Greens prices are higher because of the development surrounding it. PN Farms can have the same opportunity in Bahria Enclave. The prices can rise high in the medium term spanning between three and five years.

Currently there are a number of big commercial development taking place in Bahria Enclave. These are expected to be completed in about three years. Then the residents will not need to go far for most of their shopping needs as most of the brands will be available nearby. 

Project details

A project of Pakistan Navy, PN Farms offers 5-, 8-, and 20-kanal plots for farm houses. Other options of plot sizes may also be available, such as 10-kanal or 12-kanal plots which have been bifurcated from 20-kanal plots. This can be done with the administration’s permission only, however, and the minimum size of 5-kanal is maintained.

The project spans three Blocks: A, B, and C. Block D is also in the works but it still only exists as files. The plots are originally allotted to Pakistan Navy staff and is available to other on resale only.

Active Market :

The market has been fairly active in relation to other farm houses for sale in Islamabad. There are about a 1,000 farmhouse plots in PN Farms, and 75 to 80 of these are already occupied. The project also keep attracting people looking to buy their homes.

Current Prices :

Currently, their prices stand as follows:

Plot SizePrices in PKR
5 kanal15,000,000—22,500,000
8 kanal25,000,000—32,500,000
20 kanal50,000,000—75,000,000

Development Status :

Sectors A is completely developed. Sectors B and C are also done – up to 75%. Basic utilities, including electricity, gas, and water, are available. Gas, however, is only available in Sector A, and some areas of Sector B. This is because Sector A has all the approvals.

The other sectors, meanwhile, are still undergoing development work. Once completed, gas provisions won’t be far off.

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