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Posted by Muhammad Imran on August 2, 2020

1 kanal house construction cost


People eager to build their dream home on their own are worried about the whole process. From laying the inspiration of the house to giving the ultimate finishing touches, it’s a laborious task that needs careful planning and budgeting. Moreover, you would like superior quality construction materials when building an A+ category house in Pakistan. within the finishing a part of the house, imported fancy fixtures are utilized in the bathrooms and kitchens and highest quality tiles are used as flooring. There are other details you would like to understand . For your convenience, here may be a breakdown of the development cost of an A+ category 1 kanal house in Pakistan.

Let us walk you thru the whole budget one step at a time. we’ll first discuss the prices incurred in laying the inspiration of a 1 kanal house.



The total covered area of a 1 kanal home is 5,950 sq. ft. the bottom floor is of three ,000 per sq. ft. and therefore the ground floor is of two ,700 sq. ft. The mumtee is of 250 sq. ft. The house specifications are such as: There are five bedrooms with attached bathrooms, two kitchens, a terrace on the primary floor and a mumtee on the second floor.

If you would like to calculate the development cost in Pakistan required to create a 1 kanal residential unit, then continue reading the piece. For this purpose, we’ll take the assistance of the covered area mentioned above and determine the number of materials utilized in the grey structure of an A+ category 1 kanal house. Then we shall inspect the present market rates of the development materials.

As mentioned, in building the A+ category houses in Pakistan, you would like the simplest construction material(s). Bricks, sand, cement, electrical wiring, plumbing and safety grills of superior quality are included when calculating the prices .

There is little question that a house can’t be constructed without a team of reliable laborers. When calculating the development cost of a house in Pakistan, it’s important to first determine the present labor rates.

To calculate the development cost of an A+ category kanal house in 2020, we’ll check the speed of laborers. PKR 470 per sq. ft. is that the current labor rate in Pakistan. this is able to take the entire amount to around PKR 2,796,500.

Labour Cost = PKR 2,796,500



The covered area of a 1 kanal A+ category home is 5,950 sq. ft. this suggests you’d need approximately 135,000 bricks to get the house’s foundation. The Awwal category of bricks is of superior quality. it’s available at the speed of PKR 14.5 which suggests that the entire cost of bricks would be PKR 1,957,500.

Apart from bricks, top quality sand is additionally wont to lay the inspiration of a 1 kanal house in Pakistan.

There are two sorts of sand utilized in construction. Around 5,250 cubic feet of Ravi sand is employed at the speed of PKR 20 per cubic feet. So, a complete of PKR 105,000 cubic feet of Ravi sand is employed .

The sand of river Chenab has higher rates because it is of higher quality. you’d however need less amount of Chenab sand to get the inspiration of an A+ category 1 kanal home. Around 2,100 cubic feet of Chenab sand at the speed of PKR 35 is employed , taking the entire to PKR 73,500.

Crush or gravel is employed to form the bottom structure of floors and roof within the house. you’d need approximately 2,200 cubic feet of Margalla lintel which is usually utilized in constructing the roof of the house. the speed is PKR 70 per cubic feet which suggests around PKR 154,000 would be needed.

Sargodha gravel is employed in building the ground of the house. 1,200 cubic feet of Sargodha crush would be required to create the grey structure of an A+ category 1 kanal house at a PKR 65 per cubic feet rate. a complete of PKR 78,000 Sargodha gravel is required. Rori costs around PKR 65,000.

Cost for Bricks, Sand, Crush and Rori = PKR 2,433,000



Kassu is usually wont to fill empty plots and it’s a mix of mitti and sand. Around PKR 200,000 are required for Kassu.

Cement is employed within the plastering and lots of other things during construction. For a 5 marla house, approximately 1,600 cement bags are required at the speed of PKR 550 per bag. the entire cost of cement utilized in the grey structure of a 1 kanal house would be PKR 880,000.

Rebar is additionally used which is essentially Sarya of 60 grade. Around 9 tons or 9,000 kg of Sarya would be wont to construct a 1 kanal house in 2020. the speed per ton of Sarya is PKR 125 and therefore the total cost of Sarya used would be PKR 1,125,000.

Cost of Cement, Kassu and Rebar = PKR 2,205,000



When building an A+ category house, the simplest quality plumbing systems are utilized in the house. this needs less maintenance and repair costs.

Besides plumbing, you furthermore may got to found out electrical wiring within the house. PKR 210,000 are going to be required to put in the gas, drainage pipes and other plumbing systems in an A+ category 1 kanal house. Remember, you’d got to hire a plumber to try to to the work for you.

An electrician will place electric wires round the house at appropriate places. this may cost you approximately PKR 285,000.

Cost of Plumbing & Wiring = PKR 495,000

Apart from installing plumbing and electric systems into the 1 kanal residential unit, you’ll also got to install safety grills and therefore the main gate within the house. Safety grills of PKR 250 per sq. ft. is required to create an A+ category 1 kanal house. the entire cost of grills would be PKR 175,000. Building the most gate’s framework is additionally included within the costs. you’d need PKR 150,000 within the installation of a gate.

Cost of Grills AND CIRCUITS= PKR 325,000

An overhead cistern is additionally a neighborhood of the grey structure costs. PKR 25,000 is required to create cistern .

FMC Biflex Termite spray is additionally equally important to regulate termite infestation which may eat away the foundations of a house making them weak. Approximately PKR 55,000 is required to construct the overhead tank.

To control termite infestation you’d need approximately PKR 55,000 for the chemical spray. Bitumen helps in making the building waterproof and it might cost you PKR 20,000. Membrane sheets also are wont to help waterproof the roof in PKR 12,000.

Cost of miscellaneous items = PKR 112,000

Construction Cost of the Grey Structure of an A+ 10 Marla House in 2020 = PKR 8,366,500



As shown within the detailed infographic above, there are many construction jobs involved within the finishing of a 1 kanal house – A+ category. Please note the sub-totals for various categories are highlighted within the infographic. you’ll find the small print of those figures under different headings below.

People constructing a 1 kanal house in 2020 choose stylish tiles to embellish the flooring of the house. Good quality Master tiles are preferred in high-end houses like the A+ category ones in Pakistan. Here may be a breakdown of the tiles utilized in the house.

465 Master tiles at the speed of PKR 4,200 per sq. mtr. are utilized in the house flooring. Remember, this doesn’t include the garage, terrace and toilet tiles. the entire cost within the flooring, excluding the above-mentioned tiles would be PKR 1,953,000
You need 140 Spanish tiles to get the toilet flooring. the speed of the tiles may be a bit higher i.e. of PKR 4,500 sq. mtr. which might bring the entire cost to create the bathroom’s flooring to PKR 630,000.
You would need 75 Master tiles at the speed of PKR 2,100 per sq. mtr. the entire cost incurred in laying the ground of the terrace of a 1 kanal home would be around PKR 44,000
In building the car porch or garage you’d need 70 imported tiles at the speed of PKR 2,500 per sq. mtr. making the entire cost to be PKR 175,000
An expert professional can help lay out the ground during a house. The cutting and pasting of tiles requires a particular expertise. the value to rent labourers for tiles would be PKR 425,000
The cost for windows Dale would be PKR 65,000
PKR 162,500 would be needed to create the marble staircase of the house. you’d need PKR 50,000 within the kitchen countertop and shelves.
Cost for Tiles and Marble = PKR 3,618,000

The 1 kanal house plan also suggests placement of electrical components round the house. These electrical components comprise breakers, switchboards, lights, chandeliers, placement of fans. None of those tasks are often avoided hiring an electrician. allow us to take a glance at the prices incurred in placing electrical components round the house.

Installing lights, lamps and chandeliers of imported A+ quality would you cost around PKR 450,000
You would need around 35 metalite switchboards and push buttons at the speed of PKR 1,500. These would be a touch fancy and thus the upper rates. a complete of PKR 52,500 would be needed in installing the 35 switchboards
Around 35 power plugs and sockets are used at the speed of PKR 950 which can take the entire to PKR 33,250
14 Royal and GFC fans in total, costing around PKR 12,500 per unit, would be used. this suggests a complete budget of PKR 175,000 should be reserved for installing fans
You would need a minimum of 8 GFC exhaust fans within the house. Five of them are going to be installed within the bathrooms and two within the kitchen. One fan would cost you PKR 3,000 making a complete of PKR 17,500. Shenieder Breakers of PKR 24,000 also are required.
Schneider breakers would cost you around PKR 100,000
An electrician would be needed to hold out the above-mentioned tasks. He would wish PKR 60,000.
Cost for Electrical components = PKR 894,750



Kitchen is made on contemporary and modern lines for an A+ category house in Pakistan an entire modern kitchen would cost you PKR 425,000 and since there are 2 kitchens, you’d need PKR 850,000. Kitchen would come with a sink and hood rack rack and cutlery tray also are included within the above-mentioned cost.

To calculate the development cost of an A+ category 1 kanal house, you’ll got to determine what proportion it might cost to create a trendy bathroom. Many modern accessories and imported sanitary fittings would enter it.

Three Porta/Marachi counter-vanity sets would be placed at the speed of PKR 9,000. the entire cost of the vanity sets would be PKR 27,000
You’ll need three Porta or Marachi built-in vanity cabins at the speed of PKR 30,000. this is able to take the entire cost to PKR 90,000
Three Porta/Marachi commodes of PKR 15,000 are going to be used taking the entire to PKR 45,000
Three wall-mounted commodes of Grohe brand would be installed in three of the bathrooms. PKR 42,000 would be needed for one wall-hanging. a complete of PKR 126,000 would be required for installing the commodes
Five Italian bath sets would be installed at the speed of PKR 35,000. this suggests a complete of PKR 175,000 would be needed to construct a flowery washroom
Five Italian bath hangings would be used. One bath hanging would cost PKR 12,500, taking the entire to PKR 62,500
For a flowery and modern bathroom, Jacuzzi is installed. 2 Jacuzzis of PKR 250,000 each would be installed. it might cost you PKR 500,000
3 glass shower cabins of PKR 50,000 each would be installed which can cost you PKR 150,000
The cost to rent a plumber for all the above-mentioned tasks would be PKR 80,000
Cost for Kitchen & Bath Accessories = PKR 850,000+ 1,255,500 = 2,105,500



Painting a home is an intricate job and requires the assistance of knowledgeable painter. you would like to use several coats of the specified colour to realize the simplest look. The covered area of your ceiling is 5,575. PKR 75 per sq. mtr. would be charged for the false ceiling. it might cost you PKR 418,125.

For the outside , rock wall is usually used. In rock wall, marble chips are used. First the wall is plastered and cleaned, then the bottom coat using acrylic and white sand is applied. the bottom coat is extremely important because it strengthens the walls. the entire cost within the rock wall is PKR 450,000.

The cost to color the whole house would be PKR 950,000.

Cost for Paint and Ceiling = 1,818,125

To calculate the value of an A+ category 1 kanal house in Pakistan, installation of windows and mirrors is additionally included. Double-glazed and powder coated windows are used, which might cost you PKR 985,000. Mirrors within the house would cost you PKR 125,000. For the staircase, railings are needed; for that you’d got to distribute around PKR 200,000.

Cost of Windows and Mirrors = PKR 1,310,000

Ash wood door frames would be utilized in the house. the value incurred in installing doors would be PKR 900,000.

Imported built-in-wardrobes are going to be installed within the house costing you PKR 635,000. A high gloss LCD rack is additionally included in wood works. you would like to stay a budget of PKR 225,000 for it. Brass door handles of PKR 65,000 are placed in houses.

Cost for Woodwork = PKR 1,825,000

You can also add bright wallpaper to the house, which can cost you PKR 250,000. there’ll be CCTV cameras installed within the house to make sure the safety of the inhabitants. Central air con would be wiped out the house, which might cost you PKR 750,000. For added security, a sensible remote-controlled gate would be installed that you would like to distribute PKR 125,000.

Cost for Miscellaneous Items = PKR 1,170,000

Total cost within the finishing of an A+ category 1 kanal house = PKR 11,485,875

That sums up the entire construction cost of an A+ category of a 1 kanal house. allow us to combine the grey structure costs and therefore the finishing costs to urge the ultimate allow an A+ category 1 kanal house in Pakistan.

Total construction cost of a 1 kanal house in 2020 = PKR 8,366,500 + PKR 11,485,875

= PKR 19,852,375

So, this is often how PKR 19,852,375 would be the entire construction cost of an A+ category 1 kanal house in 2020.

It’s important to recollect the rates mentioned above are applicable just in case someone decides to create a house in Pakistan on their own. If you hire a contractor to construct your house, then you’ll find yourself with a better estimate than the one mentioned above, because the contractor will see the whole project, procure the artifact and ensure everything is completed on time. Therefore, the development cost of building an A+ category 1 kanal house through a contractor will vary, as per the agreement between the contractor and therefore the owner.

Note: The rates quoted in this article are from July 2020.

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