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University Town, Rawalpindi Latest Rates Updates

Posted by mimran on December 24, 2017

University Town, Rawalpindi Latest Rates Updates

The society has been in news for a while now, but on the 6th of December, we received good news about it. According to a news report, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) cleared the society by approving its town plan.

Project details

University Town is located on Kashmir Highway Link Road near Islamabad Toll Plaza on Motorway M-2. Its location is deemed to be prime, as it is fairly close to Islamabad’s soon to be inaugurated new international airport. The society falls in the Rawalpindi region and has been approved by the RDA but it lies closer to Islamabad proper than many other housing societies of the neighbourhood which are believed to be hot among investors.

Lately, the society has seen addition of some new board members who are keen to develop and deliver it, according to Irfan Niazi of Bhakkar Property Point. In addition to that, some high housing projects with fancy price tags for properties on offer are soon to be launched next to University Town, he added.

The society comprises six blocks; Blocks A, B, C, D, E, and F, and features residential plots in size of 5 marla, 10 marla, and 1 kanal.

Development status

The developer has so far completed development work in Blocks A, B, and D, and also granted possession. A few families are already living in Block A, while some houses are also under construction in Blocks B and D. Electricity, water, and Sui Gas are available in Blocks A and B throughout while Block D is yet to get connections for Sui Gas.

In Blocks C and E and their Extensions, development work is underway but the developer is yet to acquire possession of land it purchased for Block F, where development work has only been initiated for the commercial plots. The developer has committed to grant property possession in the main areas of Blocks C and E by June this year, while development work in Extensions of Block C and F will take at least one more year to complete.

The developer is also currently busy acquiring more land along Blocks A and D, which will allow society to have direct access from the twin cities, via Kashmir Highway.

A look at rates

Being a project that took a while to offer property possession in half of its blocks, property rates here remained low for a while but this could change, most agents believe.

As development work is being carried out in many sectors and extensions of these sectors, variation in rates is high. So the lower rates quoted in the following table are for the plots where development work is yet to be initiated and higher for those for which possession has been granted. Have a look;

BlockPlot SizePrice Range
Block A5-MarlaPKR 1,500,000 – PKR 2,200,000
 10-MarlaPKR 2,800,000 – PKR 3,600,000
 1-KanalPKR 4,500,000 – PKR 5,000,000
Block B5-MarlaPKR 1,150,000 – PKR 1,650,000
 10-MarlaPKR 2,500,000 – PKR 3,200,000
 1-KanalPKR 4,500,000 – PKR 5,000,000
Block C5-MarlaPKR 1,350,000  – PKR 1,700,000
 10-MarlaPKR 2,200,000 – PKR 2,600,000
 1-KanalPKR 4,000,000 – PKR 4,200,000
Block D5-MarlaPKR 1,400,000 – PKR 1,800,000
 10-MarlaPKR 2,500,000 – PKR 2,900,000
 1-KanalPKR 4,200,000 – PKR 4,800,000
Block E5-MarlaPKR 1,500,000 – PKR 1,700,000
 10-MarlaPKR 1,800,000 – PKR 1,900,000
 1-KanalPKR 3,000,000 – PKR 4,500,000
Block F5-MarlaPKR 1,400,000 – PKR 1,600,000
 10-MarlaPKR 2,100,000 – PKR 2,200,000

Where to invest?

The real estate agents contacted are all of the view that interested buyers looking to construct their home right away should stick to Blocks A, B, and D. The investors should stick to main areas in Blocks C and E where the developer is looking to granted possession by June this year.

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