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I-16 Islamabad Latest Rates Updates

Posted by mimran on April 17, 2018

I-16 Islamabad Latest Rates Updates

There are two sizes of plots available, 25×50 feet (5-marla) and 30×60 feet (7-marla). Here, plot sizes are measured in feet, so for this blog we’ll be using the measurements 25×50 for 5-marla plots, and 30×60 for 7-marla plots.

Ahmed has observed that more people are interested in buying in I-16/2 and I-16/4, primarily because of the construction of main roads and streets in these sectors, as compared to other blocks. The prices of both vary from sector to sector.

I-16 Islamabad Map

I-16/4 Islamabad
According to Ahmed, a 25×50 plot costs between PKR 3,400,000 to PKR 3,800,000. Khaqan quotes the same plot costing between PKR 3,300,000 and PKR 3,500,000 if it is levelled land (a plot that is at the same level as the main road and not requiring artificial filling). For plots with depressions (requiring filling before construction), prices range between PKR 2,700,000 and PKR 2,800,000.

I-16/2 Islamabad

Ahmed quotes the price of a 25×50 feet plot at PKR 3,600,000-4,200,000, while Khaqan states that the value is PKR 4,500,000 for levelled plots, while plots that are deeper than the surrounding area cost between PKR 3,500,000- PKR 4,000,000.

A 30×60 feet plot costs PKR 4,300,000- PKR 5,500,000 according to Ahmed. Khaqan states that this price can go upwards of PKR 6,000,000 if it’s a levelled plot in a good location, preferably close to the main road. Otherwise, a standard 30×60 feet plot costs PKR 4,000,000.

I-16/3 Islamabad
Here Ahmed has observed that the price ranges between PKR 2,600,000-2,800,000 if the plot is below the road level. A levelled plots costs PKR 3,400,000- PKR 3,600,000. Khaqan has observed that the prices for these plots are between PKR 3,300,000- PKR 3,500,000.
A 30×60 feet plot here costs between PKR 5,500,000- PKR 6,500,000, while Khaqan quotes these falling between PKR 3,500,000-4,000,000.

I-16/1 Islamabad
A 25×50 feet plot costs between PKR 2,600,000 and PKR 3,300,000, according to statistics quoted by Ahmed. According to Khaqan, the rates are around PKR 3,300,000 to PKR 3,500,000 if it’s a levelled plot, otherwise these plots cost between PKR 2,700,000 and PKR 2,800,000.
30×60 feet plots cost PKR 4,000,000- PKR 5,500,000 according to Ahmed, while Khaqan has observed that these cost a little more than PKR 4,000,000 if levelled. Otherwise, a standard plot costs PKR 3,500,000- PKR 4,000,000 if it is below the level of the road.

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