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How can you check the ownership of property online

Posted by mimran on March 29, 2019

How can you check the ownership of property online?

In today’s world, the availability of advanced technologies like high-speed internet, smartphones and other tech-driven solutions have made our life easier than ever. To stay in the game of the on-going digital revolution, the authorities in Pakistan are now undertaking serious efforts to promote the concept of e-governance in the country. To do so, they have been making the best use of the available digital resources to launch new electronic portals and mobile applications for the sake of facilitating people. One of the key developments in this regard is the recent digitization of the urban land record system in Punjab and Sindh. This newly introduced digital system allows you to check property ownership online in Pakistan. In this blog, we’ll learn more about this e-portal and give you a step-by-step guide to using it.


The Land Record Management data system (LRIMS) in Punjab and therefore the Land Administration and Record Management data system (LARIMS) in Sindh are electronic portals managed by the Revenue Authorities of both of those provinces. These online platforms are launched to tackle the land administration challenges faced by property owners within the country. Having a digitally-maintained extensive database for tracking land ownership will revolutionise the sector of property and play a key role within the eradication of unlawful activities concerning the land mafia within the country.


Depending on your region, you initially need to visit the web site of either Sindh Zameen or Punjab Zameen.
Once you land on the homepage of the web site , you’ll got to make multiple selections and fill in several fields to seem up for your required land record.
The very very first thing you’ll be selecting is that the respective district of your property from a menu .
Now select your respective Tehsil/Taluka from another menu right next to the primary one.
Afterward, select the world of your property from the menu.
Now you define the criterion of your search, by default, you’ll have three options to settle on from, which suggests you’ll either search a property by CNIC, Name or Khewat number (Property number).
Once you’ve got selected and filled altogether necessary options and fields, you only need to click on the search button to urge your required results.


Now, let’s get to understand about some key benefits of the digitization of urban land records in Pakistan

Conventionally, it’s going to take you many days to fetch the ownership record of a specific property but by accessing the newly introduced digital land record system, it’s going to only take you a couple of minutes to see and verify property ownership.
Unlike conventional practices, land records available online are often accessed and checked for free of charge .
Quick verification of property ownership means less time are going to be required for the completion of the mutation (the process of property transfer). Meanwhile, you’ll also check our blog if you would like to find out more about the property transfer process in Pakistan.
One of the most important pros of using the Land Record Management data system (LRIMS) in Punjab and therefore the Land Administration and Record Management data system (LARIMS) in Sindh is that you simply can instantly check whether the land record you’re trying to find has been verified by the National Database regulatory agency (NADRA) or not.

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