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Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Quetta Updates

Posted by mimran on July 11, 2017

Defence Housing Authority Quetta – a project that has not been officially announced yet – is destined to breathe life into the city’s real estate market. My sources tell me that the society is stepping closer to becoming a reality. Here’s our update:

The project hasn’t been announced officially and very few details are available about its planned location. At the moment, it is too early to assume or comment on certain aspects of the project, including its location. Nonetheless, the information shared in this article could be worth a read for people looking for an update.

Expected location

According to my sources, recommended sites for the upcoming project have been proposed to the authority concerned. Real estate agents are also actively seeking information about DHA Quetta’s future site.

According to one of the agents I spoke to, three sites are under consideration i.e. the area surrounding Hanna Lake, Dasht on Saryab Road, and Kachmore. Reportedly, documents for the proposed sites have been sent to GHQ, which may finalise a site within this quarter. Among these sites, Dasht on Saryab Road is perhaps the least likely to be picked since it is quite far away from the city centre.

Land acquisition could prove to be tricky for the DHA because Quetta does not follow typical market trends when it comes to real estate.

Some months ago, it was believed that land was being acquired for DHA Quetta in the vicinity of Quetta Cantt. This information turned out to be false. What we know for sure right now is that while sites may be under consideration, land acquisition is yet to begin.


Setting up the DHA Office

According to my sources, a senior-rank officer has been appointed to set up DHA Quetta’s office. In this regard, an ad was also published in national dailies on June 25. The ad read that DHA Quetta urgently requires applications for a total of 27 posts, including director-level posts for a Finance and IT Department, along with basic jobs such as office help staff.

Selected staff may be asked to report to the DHA Quetta office by September this year, according to sources. My sources also tell me that this batch of hiring is meant to kick start DHA Quetta’s processes. Some suggest that the DHA Quetta office could be up and running by the end of this quarter or at the start of the next.


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