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DHA City Karachi – Location, Features and Plot Prices

Posted by mimran on December 14, 2016

DHA City Karachi (DCK) is the largest housing venture of Defence Housing Authority spanning over 20000 Acres of land located on Karachi-Hyderabad Super Highway at a distance of about 35 KMs from Jinnah International Airport. The project is meant to establish a modern city in the suburbs of Karachi with an ambience of modern, secure and comfortable living for about 1 million residents of DHA City Karachi.

There is less than half area of DHA City Karachi currently under development, so we are looking at a modern city that will keep expanding and continue to incorporate all the planned features and amenities by 2030, however residence will start within a year or so starting from the vanguard sector 3 which is almost ready to be handed over. There are currently 16 residential sectors, and files of sector 17 also being sold in the market. The given sectors are planned to be ready by 2021 and more new sectors will be included in this mega project over time.


DHA City Karachi is undergoing fast pace quality development. Since it is located at about 56 KMs from city center, major transportation system such as Karachi Bus Rapid Transit System or BRT has been extended to DHA City that will ensure speedy travel to & from the project. it is also being connected to other DHA phases by Malir Motorway project that will shorten the distance to much extent and it will be about 20 Minutes drive via Malir Motorway.



DHA City is planned to be a self sufficient project for water and electricity. The masterplan of DCK incorporates two theme parks, golf course, DHA Suffa University, IBA campus, Shaukat Khanam Medical and Research Center, Dow Medical University, state of the art Liver Transplant Center, 20 high schools and 40 schools.

DHA City development plan was released in 2011 and the project was divided in 16 sectors. Each of these sectors consists of subsectors A, B, C, D etc. The masterplan shows some subsectors as red and some as yellow, which means red zone is the one which is currently being development and planned to be handed over by 2018. Whereas yellow zone is the area that will be developed by 2020-2021, so that is the long term plan.

Copy of the development plan is attached below:



Currently maps of sector 3, 5 and 7 are available, whereas map of sector 2 is coming soon. Development work on sector 3 is almost complete, and it is expected to be handed over very soon followed by sectors 5 and 7 where development work is expected to be completed soon.

DHA City Karachi is planned to have all living luxuries and all essential things of life have been well planned in this masterpiece of modern development. It is going to have a central business districit that will have all major health and educational instiutions, as well as banks, corportate and government offices, parks, graveyards, masjids, petrol & gas stations, playgrounds, nurseries and much more.

A detailed masterplan map is attached below:



Plot Sizes, Categories, Prices and  Payment Plans

Since the project was open for booking by general public, there are various categories of plots which were given to Armed Forces serving and retired officials, DHA serving and retired employees, Civilians including overseas Pakistanis, Civilian Government Officials etc. The initial booking prices were very low with very flexible payment plans of 10 and 20 years, however the amounts of profits on each category have gone high over the past 2 years. 

The different categories are mentioned below:

  • J- Category plots were allotted to Civilians.
  • A- Category plots were allotted to Serving Army Officers.
  • B- Category plots were allotted to Retired Army Officers.
  • K- Category plots were allotted to DHA Officers.
  • S- Category plots were allotted to DHA Employees these are full-paid plots.
  • I- Category plots were allotted to Civilian Government Officers.

The available residential plot sizes are 125 sqy, 200 sqy, 250 sqy, 300 sqy, 500 sqy, 1000 sqy and 2000 sqy, whereas commercial plot sizes are 200 sqy, 300 sqy, 500 sqy, 1000 sqy and 2000 sqy. Prices and payment plans are different for each category which span over 10 to 20 years of installments.

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