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CDA Declares All Projects in Sector H-13 Islamabad Illegal

Posted by mimran on July 22, 2018

Capital Development Authority has published a notice in local newspapers regarding the status of Sector H-13 Islamabad, and the status of a number of residential schemes and apartment buildings being constructed in this particular area. The notice is published for general public awareness, and we are copying the same for the benefit of our readers.

According to ICT zoning regulations, zone 1 includes sector D-14, D-15, E-14, E-15, H-13, H-14, H-15 and H-17. As per the Master Plan of Islamabad, Northen half of sector H-13 is reserved as green area/buffer zone between Islamabad and Rawalpindi, while southern half is reserved special buildings and institutions.

According to ICT zoning regulations, following terms and conditions must be followed in order to carry out any development work at the un-acquired area of Zone 1:

  • Land will be acquired phase wise.
  • Development works will be carried out by the authority as per the master plan.
  • Sale purchase of land, and change of use of land will not be permitted.
  • Houses and similar construction of buildings will not be allowed.
  • Private schemes will not be allowed in zone 1.

As per the ICT Regulations 1992, and Islamabad Building Control Regulation 2005, construction of buildings, apartments, development of settlements and division of land against the master plan in Zone 1 including sector H-13 is strictly prohibited.

General Public is informed in their own interest to refrain from any sale purchase activity in the projects being illegally constructed and marketed in Sector H-13 without any approval from CDA. General Public must confirm the legal status of any such project from CDA before making any investment, otherwise CDA will take no responsibility whatsoever of the loss incurred to general public due to such investments.

CDA has also warned sponsors and marketers of such illegal projects to stop their constructions and refrain from marketing their projects, otherwise strict legal action will be taken against them. Utility companies are also advised not to provide electricity, water, gas and telephone connections in such illegal settlements.

Following is a copy of the public notice advertised by CDA:


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