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CDA bylaws to follow for property around New Islamabad airport

Posted by mimran on March 28, 2018

CDA bylaws to follow for property around New Islamabad airport

Islamabad’s Zone II is the new talk of town! Emerging as an investment hotbed in the capital; as the launch date for Islamabad International Airport nears; more and more people are interested in investing in this Zone. The multi-billion dollar project comprises of an extensive road and public transportation network as well and is going to be the first of its kind to provide a thorough access to people commuting between the twin cities.

As per CDA’s regulations, there are various things that all investors and builders should keep in mind before constructing a private housing scheme here. If you’re a genuine buyer, this is important for you as well – know if your society is properly constructed or not.

According to the regulations, private sector is allowed to purchase/acquire land and develop residential schemes here, however, a prior permission has to be taken from the authority. These permissions have to be on the conditions such as:

  • The minimum size of the said residential scheme has to be at least 20 acres.
  • The planner for the said residential scheme has to be registered with the Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners (PCATP).
  • Boundaries of these walls have to conform to the regulations of a standard Sector, as per provision of Master Plan of Islamabad.
  • Development process has to be in accordance with the layout plan, and services plan as approved by the CDA.
  • Sponsors have to arrange for the approval from the authority on their own.
  • All schemes on land reservations will belong to the Authority.
  • The developers need to construct an independent sewerage system as well.
  • After progress is shown and a Completion Certificate given by the Authority, then possession can be given on the available properties.

A team consisting of officers from Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will regulate land under construction. CAA has also specified that within 200 yards of Islamabad International Airport should be left vacant for a Structure Free Zone. CAA has demarcated an area of 7km in length as another Structure Free Zone, each approaching a funnel of the two runways. CAA has suggested these as a measure to make expansion of the airport possible in the coming years.

These are some of the provisions that you have to consider when investing or buying in Zone II. There are various other provisions that concern with sparing some land for green belts and also for recreational purposes. This is an interesting idea as it allows for the upkeep of green environment in the city – maintaining the scenic views and fresh air in this city.

As per our own data, Zone II’s most sought out properties are located in only a few housing societies. These are those that abide by CDA’s regulations, thereby ensuring a safe and profitable investment venture. These include:

  • Top City 1
  • Mumtaz City
  • PECHS Housing Scheme
  • PAF Tarnol Housing Scheme
  • AWT and ECHS D-18
  • MPCHS B-17
  • Faisal Residencia
  • CBR Town

Investment prospects in these societies are high and promising. This is due in part to the rapid development taking place, and also because of their proximity to Islamabad International Airport, and their easy access to the twin cities. Also, as the airport project launches, more and more development schemes will be introduced here as it will emerge as the focal point. If you’re thinking of investing in a private housing society, ensure that the project follows CDA’s regulations.

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